About Us

Bill and Willemina Flowers - aka The Sunflowers The Sunflowers by the Sea is a family enterprise owned and operated by Willemina and William (Bill) Flowers with the assistance of our daughter Melody and son Tristan.  We are Canadians who have been living in Florida for many years which resulted in our gaining the nickname "The Sunflowers".  Our time in Florida resulted in a love of the ocean and a desire to always live near the seashore.

We also have furkids (resident pets: hypoallergenic poodle mixes), however they are restricted to non-guest areas. If you would like to meet them, just ask.

Our life seems to have been preparing us for running a B&B with an accumulation of skills such as chef, baker, chocolate maker, programmer (useful for maintaining this website), woodworker (handy for repairs) and wedding consultant (good people skills!) to mention a few. We have lived in three countries on two different continents and travelled widely, always enjoying meeting the people of different cultures that we encountered.

We are looking forward to having you as our guest in Cap-Pelé this summer!

2362 Chemin Acadie
Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick E4N 1C7